Cort X2 Electric Guitar

The review that you now see in front of you is addressed to guitarists, who for various reasons need an inexpensive, but very high-quality electric guitar with a decent sound. My personal opinion is that such tools can always be found, it is only necessary to take a closer look. Today in the Ukrainian guitar market in the budget segment there is a sufficient number of eminent and less well-known manufacturers. And, unfortunately, if we are limited by the budget, we will have to understand in detail all this variety for the best result: an ideal combination of the price and quality of the guitar. It is clear that any search and analysis of information takes time, so if this article helps you save it – I will be only happy.

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Cort X2

In this review I want to invite you to pay attention to the manufacturer of Cort guitars, and in particular – to the electric guitar Cort X2 . I will explain my position. In my opinion, this manufacturer has a number of advantages. First, a wide variety of models in different price ranges. Cort makes guitars on which world celebrities play. This indicates the high professionalism of the masters and that there is a concept of what a real guitar sound is. Secondly, the very fact that the more eminent companies produce their budget models at factories Cort speaks about the high quality of the products. And I’m impressed by the position of Cort – making affordable high-level guitars.

Now go directly to the Cort X2 . You see in front of you a six-stringed electric guitar, the body of which is made of American linden. Thanks to this tree, mid-frequencies prevail in the sound, which provides excellent readability in the mix. The edges of the deck have ergonomic beveled contours, which allows the right hand to extract sound with convenience, and the left can be reached without any obstructions to the uppermost frets.

The neck is fixed on four screws and has 24 frets, which extends the Cort X2 sound palette. This model is equipped with two powerful humbuckers of its own production, which are called PowerSound. The adjustment is absolutely simple: the volume knob, the tone knob and the selector are three positions for switching pickups. In the bridge stands tremolo Full Action II, which works on raising and lowering the system.

I will evaluate this tool according to the criteria that I have determined for myself as the most important:

  • Cost
  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Appearance

The cost. It’s a budget guitar. The average price for it, depending on the color, varies between 180-200$. In my opinion, quite an acceptable price for a new handy tool with a good tree.


The sound of this model is not universal, but it should not be so, as the model is intended for guitarists trying themselves in heavy styles. A clear sound can not be called bright, given the material of the deck and the type of pickups. It is well read, but it will leave indifferent fans of styles, where a sleek noble pure sound is required. However, for modern musical trends, it is quite suitable. But with the overload this guitar transforms and shows itself from the best side.

Again, the combination of wood and PowerSound humbuckers provides density, readability and sustain. The weak point of this model was the presence of a tremolo machine. The manufacturer wanted to increase the functionality due to a two-way tremolo, but this did not justify itself. The structure of the guitar with the active use of the lever begins to “swim”. But it’s easy to fix by installing all the springs or fixing the tremolo. And those who want to significantly improve the sound of their instrument with the help of small financial expenses, you can advise experimenting with sensors.
If you have a quality body made of American linden and new sensors in the class above, you can get a very decent tool from Cort X2 .


I do not know how anyone, but I like the quality of Cort guitars. Cort, apparently, has got to give the buyer for the declared value more. Therefore, questions to their instruments can be to sound and design, but certainly not to quality. Nevertheless, for the annoying ill-conceived design of the bridge of this budget guitar, you can slightly reduce the score.


Concerning the design of this model I will say the following: I am not a fan of sharp and sharp outlines, which are very often present in the style of fatal instruments. But I must admit that in this guitar the manufacturer managed to keep the stylistics and, at the same time, smooth all sharp corners and lines, subjecting them to well thought-out ergonomics. Deca comfortably fits to the body, there are bevels under the right arm and smoothed notches on the horns under the left. The neck has a calibrated profile, so the left hand brush does not experience excessive tension, and the technique of the performer only improves.

Summing up, I can say the following: the guitar Cort X2, although an inexpensive tool, but sounds and looks much better than many more expensive analogues with the logo of the famous brand on the head of the neck. Such a tool is difficult to consider as a professional working variant, but it is not intended for this. The Cort X2 is good as the first tool for learning beginners, and the more experienced guitarists this model is suitable for concerts and rehearsals in conditions when the use of a professional instrument is inconvenient or impossible. This guitar has a very decent sound, comfortable, well-made and unpretentious. In my opinion, the set of functions and the combination of price and quality in this model, one of the best in the guitar market.

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