Yamaha PSR-E433 61-key Premium Portable Keyboard

Here is one of the top models of synths with auto accompaniment from Yamaha. This is a full-fledged instrument with a dynamic keyboard, a large set of timbres and functions. In the synthesizer there are 731 timbres and 186 styles of accompaniment. You can choose this synthesizer in our store.

Yamaha PSR-E433 New opportunities

Yamaha PSR E433
In this synthesizer model, the developers have implemented two Live Control knobs that control the selected effect or the equalizer band you need. As a result, it becomes possible to change the character of the timbre sound directly on the fly. For example, you can control a bunch of two effects – chorus and rever.

In addition, only this model is equipped with the DJ Pattern function, which allows you to create samples, making a step into the line of a professional workstation. The instrument has an integrated arpeggiator, which is not available in the younger models of the PSR series. The arpeggiator has 150 variations.

The synthesizer training system is quite convenient, but the main emphasis of the producer was made on the quality of timbres, and not on the possibility of independent learning. If you need a synthesizer for training, pay attention to the Yamaha PSR R200 .


Synthesizer Yamaha PSR E433 works in 4 modes: voices, styles, compositions and patterns DJ Pattern.

All 731 sounds of the instrument are arranged in categories ranging from standard key sounds to percussion. Navigation by sounds is very simple – you can select the desired voice by typing its number, or using the category keys.

In this model, you can put 2 timbres together, having received an unusual double sound. For example, you can connect a string orchestra with the sound of a choir, or organ, any combination of two synthesizer sounds to your taste. In the device connection section, there is a headphone output, which is also a line output, a USB output for connecting to a PC and an output for the expression pedal. When the headphones are connected, the synth’s dynamics are turned off.


The Yamaha PSR E433 is a multifunctional instrument for rehearsals and performances. It has many timbres and styles, which will be enough for professional musicians and beginners. It’s more of a workstation than a synthesizer with auto accompaniment, because there’s a recording option, an arpeggiator, a split mode and a lot of styles.

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