How to Choose a Bass Guitar

How to choose a bass guitar for a beginner, what do you need to know when you come to the music store? Answers to these very important questions you will find in this informative article.

If you have long dreamed of learning to play the bass guitar and have finally decided to buy it, so that in the future, for example, you can become a cool bass player and play in a rock band, then for sure today you had a very logical question about choosing the right bass- guitar? The article is dedicated to all newcomers.

In previous posts, we talked about the right choice of acoustic and electric guitars. Today, in the continuation of the topic, we will focus on the most important instrument in the rhythm section called the bass guitar.

Not only you, but also other beginning musicians faced with the problem of choosing a good instrument. Many are looking for information about what is best to choose or, according to which key characteristics to make the right choice.

So, what are we going to talk about today? What should you look at first when buying a bass guitar, where to buy a quality instrument, what do you need to know for a beginner? Let’s try the same now to understand the basic issues of choosing a bass guitar.

The first thing you need to understand for yourself is, for what purpose are you going to use this tool. Clearly determine why you need a bass guitar. There may be several options:

  • I want to first learn the basics and technique of playing the bass guitar;
  • I’ll just play at home for my own pleasure, and arrange concerts for my neighbors;
  • I dream of playing in a band and performing somewhere in concerts;
  • I want to become a professional bass player.
  • Proceeding from any version, you also need to clearly understand for yourself what sound your guitar should have and what further you plan to use the effects.

So, if you have already decided on the main goals and budget, then you can safely go to the music store. Coming there, first try to get a consultation from the seller about what interests you.

Perhaps he will tell you that in this price category the choice is not great, but what the seller should do is give you a basic characteristic for the tools that he has available. But still, in any case, the choice is yours.

When choosing a guitar, do not write off, do not hesitate and spend as much time as is necessary for you. After all, you give your money, and then you will have to play this instrument for a long time, so you have every right to take that bass guitar you want.

Choosing a Bass Guitar


First of all, try to make a visual external inspection. The guitar should be done neatly, also worth paying attention to this:

painting of the body (the paint should be free of defects in the form of possible bubbles or streaks);
screwed screws (they should be tightly screwed and not loose);
cuts on joints;
neck (check it, whether there are any irregularities, deflections, bulges).
In addition to an external examination, try testing the bass guitar for sound. You need to determine the duration of sound attenuation – sustain. The longer it is, the better!

To check this, attach the guitar that is not connected to the ear with the case and pull each string first open, then pressed to the 12th fret. Try to determine how the sound attenuates, calculate the duration of the sound, and what frequencies are most dominant.

Next you need to connect the bass guitar to the amplifier or combo. Listen to the sound, pay attention to how many noises in the sound itself, whether there are buzzing or sobbing. Thus, you can determine the quality of the electronics of the bass guitar.

Turn the volume control, the sound should increase evenly, there should not be “slices”. The sound of strings must be checked at every fret. If problems are not found, then this is your tool!

Look necessarily at the neck, it should not be narrow or wide, round or flat. You in fact choose a bass guitar for yourself and that’s why the vulture simply should be convenient for you.

A low-bass bass is better not to take, because it will be difficult to wean from it. Definitely, the best option for a beginner is a 20-bar fretboard.

Perhaps in time you will want to sell this bass guitar and purchase a more serious and professional instrument for yourself. And when this day comes, you will already be shod and know for 100% how to choose the guitar of your dreams.

If you still decide to sell your first bass guitar, then be sure to do pre-sale training. Change the strings, clean the bar, check the electronics.

To summarize, we can say that if you still bought the instrument, then try to constantly improve your skills and skills, and then enjoy the game. And then the purchase of the instrument will be really successful.

We hope that you will choose the bass guitar for yourself, which will be a good assistant in your creative activity. Do not forget that the path to self-improvement lies through a long road of hard training and learning different techniques and styles of play. Good luck to you!

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